Process and materials

How it works

We'll help you select a finish for your space and mix it to your color specification. We can install work on-site as well as on panels one of our New York studios. Architecture and Design professionals are encouraged to order free work samples from the Collection.

Want a custom finish? Provide your sample swatch or photo inspiration.


  • Traditional Italian and Moroccan lime paint and plasters that are beneficial for health
  • Colored using a unique blend of oxide and natural pigments, which are capable of producing deep, rich blacks, reds, blues and magentas
  • Heat & water resistant - protects form alcohol, stains, chemicals & wear

Warren Thomas King

driven to spread MY passion for color, design, material and process


My background in painting and color-matching, as well as over five years of experience in digital marketing and web development, uniquely qualify me to execute memorable interior design projects.

Member of: International Decorative Artisans League